A Message Employers Need to Hear:

The "New Normal" Includes Looking After Employee Mental Wellness  

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The new normal is a constant state of uncertainty, anxiety and stress.  


Staying focused and productive is a tall order when the workplace environment is in a constant state of flux.  

Mental Un-Wellness Results in Higher Rates of Absentism, Turnover and Health Care Costs -- Not to Mention Employee Quality of Life.


A Culture that Supports Wellness

Creating a culture that guides and educates employees in effectively managing their mental, physical, and emotional well-being is a win-win for both employers and employees. 

Implementing a workplace wellness program results in employees who are less stressed,  more productive, and who are more likely to stay. 


Smart Financial Sense

Springbuk's Employee Health Trends 2020 Report states that "The average monthly cost for an employee with a mental health condition is twice that of a member without a mental health condition."

Strategies that seek to measurably improve employee wellness can help to mitigate future claim risk, saving the company a considerable amount of money.   


But what are your options?

Until recently, a cost-effective method for providing effective stress management in the workplace was not widely available.  


The Spot-It™ Solution Provides Return on Investment on Employee Benefit Spending (Less Presenteeism & Absenteeism) -- while Increasing Emotional Intelligence and Productivity. 

Spot-It™ uses a proven, time-tested 4-step approach that aids participants in identifying and replacing fearful thoughts with more "secure" thoughts.  This technique can be utilized in-the-moment to help employees feel better fast so they can return their focus to accomplishing the job at hand.   

Over time, Spot-It™ increases the emotional intelligence of your workforce by upgrading their social and emotional interactions.  

"Participants who use the method are able to transform counterproductive thinking and develop realistic, more empowering thought patterns."

Employee Benefit

Spot-It™ can be included as part of your benefits package offering.  

Online Course

Individuals can take the nine-module online course with printable workbook and follow-up reinforcement videos.  


The workshop can be delivered online or in-person.

Are Your Employees Mentally Covid-19 ready today and for
other challenges of tomorrow? 

Working remotely has always posed it's own set of challenges.  What makes our current situation so challenging for employers is that the remedy for slowing the spread of the coronavirus - social isolation- also creates significant risk factors for emotional well-being. 

Consider booking our special Conronavirus Anxiety webinar for your staff to help them cultivate the mindset needed to survive and thrive in these challenging times.

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"What I liked about Spot-It™ is that is made me see how so much of stress and anxiety is about anger and fear.  I loved the part about the 'dimmer switch' and how I can choose to turn my stress-levels down."

- G. Garcia 

Join the ever growing number of workplaces who can proudly say, "Spot-It™ is Spoken Here!" 


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