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Spot-It™ is a powerful, practical program centered around a 4-Step Method that has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety while boosting peace of mind and self-confidence.  

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How Does the Spot-It™  Method Work? 

We like to say, "The example teaches."  Listen in as Evan and Alice demonstrate the 4-Step Method. 

p.s. This is not a dramatization - it is an actual situation Alice was facing.      


The Star is the 
4-Step Method

Dr. Low's 4-Step Method looks simple (and it is!) but don't let the simplicity blind you to its brilliance. 

Each one of the four steps plays an important part in helping to "work you down" and gain a more balanced perspective.   

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The Statistics Are Compelling

Employee stress is a real workplace issue.  More than 20% of workers spend more than five hours on the clock each week worrying.  Another 50% of employees said they lose between one and five hours to worry each week.  

Are you part of these statistics?


A Solution With Measurable Benefits!


The Solution

Spot-It™ is a self-help, peer-to-peer system that rests upon a simple, easy-to-follow
4-Step Method that garners both immediate and long-term results. Finally, there is a practical, in-the-moment solution to combat the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety in the workplace!

The Benefits

  • Helps you effectively cope with stress and anger-inducing situations
  • Decreases the symptoms of anxiety
  • Builds your self-confidence and enhances your self-esteem
  • Increases your emotional intelligence

How it works

The Trigger

A trigger is any situation that works you up.  It can be traffic that made you late to work, connectivity issues during an important virtual meeting or getting an unexpected call from your child’s school.

The Method

The Spot-It™ 4-Step Method is a tool you can use when you get triggered.  The beauty is that you can use it in-the-moment to help you change fearful, insecure thoughts into more balanced, secure thoughts.  In short, it can help you to stop processing the situation, gain a new perspective and get you back into action. 

Your Growth

As you practice the Spot-It™ Method, you will learn how to better respond to those situations that trigger you.  By consistently applying the Spots or phrases, over time you’ll become more emotionally intelligent and experience more peace of mind. 


We like to think of Dr. Abraham Low, the creator of the 4-Step Method, as the Grandfather of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 
CBT is the "gold standard" of treatment for stress and anxiety.  Here's why:  

- It works.

- It helps both in-the-moment and over time.

- It helps to improve confidence levels and increases self-esteem.

-It makes you more emotionally intelligent.

To learn more about the evidenced-based studies conducted over the years related to the Method, click HERE.  

Jenna Linke

"Who among us doesn’t experience stress and anxiety in our lives?  The Spot-Ittm 4-Step Method is simple to learn and easy to master, but don’t let that fool you, it is powerful."

Kenneth Roberts

"As a military veteran, Spot-It™ has helped me to manage my thoughts and control my responses to situations.  Learn the phrases - they will come to your aid in the toughest of times."  Click HERE to listen to a short video.   

Greg Pryor

"As a counselor for more than 30 years, I teach my clients Spot-It™ because it is such a practical tool to help people handle stressful situations.  I can't recommend it enough."

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