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Want to know how to introduce the Spot-It™ Method to your organization? Click on our webinar or keynote options. 

Want to provide your team members with a regular and reoccurring place to effectively deal with their workplace?  Click on the Spot-It Circle™ offering.    

Looking to stand out as a Manager, Human Resource professional or coach?  Check out our Certified Coaching offering.     

Spot-It Introductory Webinar

Looking to give your team members a practical tool to help them handle stress and anxiety in the workplace?  Look no more. 

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Our interactive Spot-It™: Break Free from Stress Worry and Anxiety keynote explores both the struggle and solution related to workplace stress.

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Spot-It Circles™

A Spot-It Circle™ is a place to practice the 4-Step Method in a supportive group setting.  Explore how easy it is to offer Spot-It Circles™ to your team members.

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Spot-It Certified Coach Program

There are many reasons why people decide to become Certified Spot-It™ Coaches.  Is this investment of time and money right for you & your situation?

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