Better workplace

Imagine a world where you could identify a "safe" person to connect with and "spot" a stressful situation because they were wearing a Spot-It pin or because they had a "I speak Spot-It" badge featured on their email signature line. 

Think about what a better workplace and world we could create if we became more intentional about helping each other navigate the stress-inducing situations of life. 

Does this idea appeal to you?  Then join us in making this vision a reality -- learn the Spot-It 4-Step Method for yourself and to be a resource for others.


Why did we develop the app?

So many workplace professionals are suffering in silence.  How do we know?  We know because every time we share our own struggles with stress and anxiety we hear similar stories echoed back from the people we coach and mentor.  Stories about fear of driving over bridges getting to work.  Stories of having to take off work because of skin conditions or migraines developed because of workplace stress.  

Not only are they suffering in silence, but they are at a loss for what can actually help them. They want a tool, something they can use in-the-moment when they are feeling angry, upset or stressed. 

Because Spot-It™ is both a self-help and a peer-to-peer approach, it can be used at the very time a person is feeling triggered - providing immediate relief.  Co-workers who know the Method can help to Spot situations, creating an emotionally supportive work environment. 

We made it our mission to bring this best-kept-secret to the workplace because we know how much it helps us every day and because it has helped so many people around the world.  


How well do we know the Spot-It™ Method?  

We've been studying and practicing Dr. Low's 4-Step Method (and the concepts surrounding it) for close to 25 years.  As you can see by the worn out booked cover, we've picked up The Wisdom of Dr. Low many times.  It has helped us get through so many of the distressing trivialities of life.  

You can pick up a copy and read it for yourself or you can download the app to your phone and start learning the Method that way.  Either way, you can't go wrong!  


What is the origin story behind the app? 

Evan Marcus and Tara Marcus are co-founders of DillonMarcus, a highly regarded consulting firm that has been helping leaders and organizations operate at a world-class level for more than two decades. 

In 2019 (prior to Covid), they saw an uptick in stress and anxiety levels in their client base.  As a family, Evan and Tara had been using Dr. Low’s 4-Step Method for many, many years. 

Because of their strong desire to give workplace professionals better coping tools - and because they were well positioned to do so - Evan and Tara took the appropriate steps to make Dr. Low's proven and practical 4-Step Method available to individuals and organizations.


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