Meet the Team!


  Evan Marcus

Evan Marcus is a sought-after speaker, business consultant, 3x author with more than 20+ years coaching Executives and Executive Teams.  An expert on anxiety and the Recovery International Spot-It™ method, Evan helps working professionals understand that by changing their thinking they can change how they feel and the results they produce.  Evan is on a mission to get this very powerful methodology commonplace among professionals.  Evan's favorite part about the Spot-It™ method is that it works and can be used right in the moment.  When not working, Evan can be found meditating which his kids think is "code" for napping.   

                                Tara Marcus

Tara Marcus is a top-rated speaker, award-winning course designer and teacher of emotional intelligence.  She, along with her husband Evan, co-founded the consulting firm DillonMarcus nearly two decades ago with the mission of cultivating great places to work.  Their extensive client list includes organizations in the for-profit, not-for profit and educational arenas.  Tara's favorite part of the Spot-It™ method is that it is peer-to-peer -- meaning it doesn't need a leader for it to work or to sustain it over time.  She is on a mission to make this method as accessible as possible.  In her free time,  Tara spends time with her three boys riding crazy extreme roller-coasters then recovering with yoga.    

     Greg Pryor

Greg Pryor, business advisor and owner of Lifesprings Counseling Services, specializes in mental health counseling where he employs the Spot-It™ method. Greg is certified in a number of therapies, is an addiction counselor and is a certified Employee Assistant Program (EAP) professional. His favorite aspect of the Spot-It™ method is its universal practicality - as it can be applied to any situation. He only wishes he knew it as a younger man when he worked on the GM assembly line!  



         Joel Sand

Joel Sand, Benefit Advisor  for DillonMarcus, recognizes the value of a mental health offering in every Benefits package.  He brings with him more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry with expertise in cost management, strategic planning, government relations, contract negotiations, and operational guidance.   Joel is an active member of the South Jersey Association of Health Underwriters.  Joel's favorite part of the Spot-It™ method is his wife Donna - who taught it to him.    


   Donna Sand

Donna Sand , a certified Spot-It™ course instructor, is also 500-hour trained Master Yoga instructor.  When not on the mat, she is either living the Spot-It™ method or teaching others the powerful "spots" or "mini-mantras".  Donna is passionate about helping people drop the stigma around mental health so they can stop suffering alone.  Donna's favorite part of the Spot-It™ method is the 5-minute phone call - where two people connect, self-reflect, gain perspective, (perhaps find some laughter) and be on their way.  One of Donna's favorite inspirational quotes:  "The moon taught me it's O.K. to go through phases.  The sun taught me that no matter how many times you go down, keep rising!"  In her free time, Donna is a super-talented chef and crafty person.  


     Brittany Histing

Brittany Histing, RN, BSN, MSN, both an inner city and travel Emergency Room nurse, has experienced more than her fair share of stress on the job.  With a unique understanding of how the body works, Brittany helps to explain the physical impact that stress and anxiety can have on the body.  She is a certified in Healing Touch and Reiki and is an instructor for CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  Brittany's favorite part of the Spot-It method is how clearly it acknowledges and deals with the mind-body connection.  When not working, chances are you'll find Brittany surfing or whipping up a nutritious and delicious smoothy.  


    Jessie Graham

Jessie Graham, a recent graduate from American University, helps others learn the Spot-It™ method by learning it herself right along with them.  Jessie uses the method to help break the habit of running the same thought through her mind over-and-over again. Her favorite part of the Spot-It™ approach is learning what the old-time words and phrases like "Comparisons are odious" mean and translating them into something young adults her age would understand.  When not working, Jessie is either crocheting or out and about exploring New York City.    


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